Prospect Hill Cemetery Court of Valor Monument

This monument was designed in conjunction with Jack Sommer at Prospect Hill Cemetery in York, PA. In addition to the conceptual drawing, we created promotional materials about how to have a name inscribed on the monument and invitations and programs for the unveiling ceremony.

The civic monument was unveiled at the end of 2009. It “boasts a massive piece of steel from the World Trade Center, bearing silent witness to the tragic events of September 11, 2001. The beam weighs roughly 3,000 pounds and measures 9 feet 11 inches long. Two granite pillars cradle the beam and create the monument’s archway, under which is suspended a 6’ x 10’ flag, intended to symbolize our nation and its defenders.”

A total of 390 names now appear on the columns and honorees are remembered at annual ceremonies held at the cemetery.

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