Starbucks Roasting Plant

Starbucks Roasting Plant Break Room Wall 1 | Murals | Little Finch Designs
Starbucks Roasting Plant Break Room Wall 2 | Murals | Little Finch Designs

I was asked to design some murals to liven up the employee break room inside the Starbucks Roasting Plant facility. The murals were to “tell the story of coffee”, from its origins in the jungles of Central America all the way to the cup of coffee served to you in a Starbucks store.

The two walls to be painted were each about 71 feet long. On one wall, the murals needed to be separated by white space to allow for a projection area.

I laid these murals out in Photoshop, then used a projector to trace them onto the wall, kind of like a really massive paint-by-number. I called in my friend about half way through to finish up the painting with me since painting murals is always more fun with friends!

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